Commercial Projects

Commercial projects are the pulse of our community.

Commercial building projects are the pulse of a community.

Office complexes, museums, galleries, bowling lanes, churches, grocery stores and hotel construction add to the vibrancy of the community. These are public destination places where people come to work, rest and play. For owners, there is a lot riding on the commercial building. It must be a stellar structure, embracing its users with a
welcoming atmosphere inside and out. The building must be a healthy, energy-efficient environment with efficient electrical and mechanical systems. Operating and maintenance (O&M) costs must be controlled and fully transparent. If the commercial building houses existing businesses, there is a need to protect the safety of its users and minimize disruption to on-going business activities. And with all the pre-planning that goes into any start-up or business expansion, late completion is simply not an option.

The demands are high for commercial construction. But so are our standards.

As part of your team, Unitech ensures that we understand your business goals and priorities from square one. We use this knowledge to guide our “builder’s view” advice to balance design, quality, cost and schedule issues. Each project process is customized to ensure you’re getting good value for your money and a structure tailored to your needs. We are expert at developing realistic schedules and have a “whatever it takes” attitude to meet our commitments. With creative scheduling, protective barriers, way-finding signage and a pro-active approach to safety, we complete our work with a minimum of disruption to your ongoing operations.
Recognizing that ongoing O&M efficiency is vitally important to your bottom line, we identify potential cost issues early to offer alternatives and opportunities for involvement of your O&M staff in systems installation and commissioning.

From hotel construction to cruise ship terminals, our commercial buildings bring people together.

Unitech has managed the construction of office buildings, museums, bowling centres, churches, art galleries, grocery stores and hotels. We have built the Campbell River Cruise Ship Terminal, Duke Point Ferry Terminal and, in a very narrow four-and-a-half-month period, completed an 18-million-dollar renovation to the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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If we can be of assistance with the construction management of your next commercial building, let’s talk about your needs.