Unitech is passionate about Collaborative Construction.  It has been the foundation of our corporate culture since 1988 and is reflected in everything we do.  True construction collaboration is achieved through transparency and teamwork, and this can only be achieved when the Client, Contractor and Designer work together from a project’s inception through the design process to the completion of the project.  This is achieved when the Construction Manager works alongside the client on a “fixed fee” basis with no incentive for changes or alterations to the design.  That is the Unitech model and it has not changed since our inception 30 year ago.

Unitech’s “Pure” construction management services are provided via the CCDC 5A – Construction Management Contract – for Services.  This agreement allows Unitech to work collaboratively with the project owner, always ensuring that the owner’s goals and priorities are maintained, while mitigating any risks and maximizing the project’s value.

In order to be effective, the Unitech team works closely with the client and design team early in the design process to ensure that the project design is tailored to suit the objectives of the project vision while respecting budget constraints and ensuring a smooth flow from design development to construction completion.   We do not sit back and wait until drawings are complete before providing feedback on the project.  We provide ongoing advice and commentary through frequent analysis and construction cost estimates, together with recommendations on cost saving construction products and methodology.  Our advanced industry knowledge also allows us to provide insight into innovative ideas and industry trends before costly design is completed.  We listen to all project stakeholders, and in collaboration with the team,  proactively identify project risks, present options, make informed recommendations, and then proceed in accordance with the Owner’s direction.  All of this value provided through a fixed contract fee.

Once design is finalized, each trade contract for the project is tendered in accordance with the Ministry of Finance Capital Asset Management Framework Guidelines recommended for use on Publicly-Funded Construction Projects.  Our systems, procedures and records are clear and concise and allow our clients to see every cost associated with the completion of their project.  This public tender process provides our clients a broader range of trades bidding on their projects, which converts to increased competition and substantial savings to project costs.

Construction of the project commences once the project is tendered and contracts are completed on the owner’s behalf.  Each month, during the entire pre-construction and construction phases, our Project Managers prepare and personally present our formal written reporting package to the owner’s representative(s). This package provides a comprehensive summary of the project that includes details in the following areas:

  • An Executive Summary of the project’s current status;
  • Tenders received and approved;
  • Purchase Orders issued and Contracts concluded;
  • A Budget Summary Report which includes the Original Budget, Previous and Current Revisions to the Budget, including a description of each budget revision, Current Budget, Total Commitments and Total Invoices;
  • A Payment Summary Report which includes the Current Budget, Total Invoiced, Lien and Deficiency Holdbacks, Previous Payments, and Current Amounts Due;
  • A Current Payment listing which includes the total amount due to each trade contractor, as well as a breakdown of total amount owing by division;
  • Detail on all anticipated revisions, a forecast of the final cost, and detail on the adequacy of the project contingency;
  • A summary of project progress and schedule.

Through our custom developed Project Tracker Management Software, we manage all facets of documentation, accounting and Trade Supplier communication, which greatly minimizes the administrative work load of the owner’s representative.  Our reporting systems are extremely adaptable and flexible enough to be customized to dovetail with any of our client’s specialized reporting requirements.