How can a construction management company understand what you need if they’ve never been in your shoes? Precisely.

Most construction management companies were formed with the general contract approach: design, bid and build. Not Unitech.

We bring builder’s knowledge to each project – from the owner’s perspective.

A leading construction management company in British Columbia, Unitech was created differently – from the owner’s side of the door. Unitech grew out of more than a decade of experience on the design consulting side as an owner’s representative. All of our systems and procedures were developed to respond to your goals and priorities, providing the information you need when you need it.

From the beginning through to completion, we work as a focused part of your team. That means ensuring that you are heard, understood and informed every step of the way. Moreover, your budget is allocated as carefully as if it were our own money.

Our track record of over half a billion dollars in construction with 85% of our customers being repeat business proves we know what we’re doing. And we’ve done all that from the point of view of what’s important to you.

High quality buildings that enrich people’s lives.

Unitech partners with our clients to create high quality, green environments that enhance their communities, enrich people’s lives and respect the earth they’re built on. Our diverse list of construction management projects includes buildings for education, public health and safety, business, recreation, and local culture. One of the most progressive construction companies in Vancouver, Unitech is expanding to bring our services to include Manitoba construction projects and clients in other parts of Canada.

Are you looking for a construction management company that sees things from where you’re standing? Look no further.
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