Recreational Projects

Our job is to ensure the builder's viewpoint and the community's goals are aligned to serve everyone in the best way possible.

Recreational facilities are shaped by the entire community. They are where friends and neighbours come together to grow, play and build memories. At some point, every person will be a user. So it stands to reason that everyone has an interest in them.

At Unitech, we know that due to multiple stakeholders and a variety of priorities and goals, each recreational project is unique. There are no pre-conceived ideas or off-the-shelf solutions that will fit the bill.

Understanding functionality to deliver the optimum solution for all.

As a construction management company, we are responsible for bringing the team’s vision to fruition while ensuring the end result serves the needs of the community. That means having a clear picture of how the building will be used before construction begins.

We receive input from community members, examine everyone’s wish list, balance must-haves with practical needs, and question everything from all angles. We make sure that all stakeholders understand the cost impacts to ensure that the project is within budget and viable for the community.

Maximize opportunities for local involvement.

Having members of the community contribute to the construction of the facility fosters pride, provides employment and boosts the economy. Whenever possible, we look for ways to involve local contractors and companies in the realization of a building that is for their families’ recreational use.

We take our recreation projects seriously.

Unitech has extensive experience in the construction of complex multi-phase projects with a total value in excess of $100 million. These include aquatic centres, arenas, gymnasiums, playing fields, auditoriums, theatres, bowling centres and stadiums. Our showcased projects include the temporary Empire Stadium for the BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps, the Mount Boucherie Arena and the Cowichan Aquatic Centre.

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If we can be of assistance with the construction management of your next recreational building, let’s talk about your needs.