Health Projects

At Unitech, we know that when it comes to people's health, there simply are no compromises.

Building a health facility presents its own unique challenges: the approval process is long and arduous, and the level of cleanliness and sterility is non-negotiable. Frequently, a health facility may be undergoing construction even while it is in use.

A main concern for healthcare clients is the health and safety of patients, both during and after construction. As a company experienced in the construction of healthcare projects, we know that there is no room for compromise.

We’ve mastered the approval process.

Healthcare is a highly regulated sector with multiple approvals required from various authorities. At Unitech, we know the intricacies of the process, and the regulatory bodies know us. That means it’s a faster, smoother cut through the red tape for everyone.

Maintaining the integrity of the healthcare environment.

With safety as part of our culture, we take painstaking steps to protect staff, patients and workers. We take extensive measures to control dust and noise, with great emphasis on infection control. We ensure the safe removal of any harmful products from the building. We use protective barriers and way-finding signage to keep people safely away from the work site, and to shelter the areas where patients are being cared for.

We take finishing to a higher level.

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals need quality environments that are conducive to providing the best care for their patients. Completing a healthcare project requires the highest degree of finishing so the facility can function at an optimum level and be maintained as a sterile environment.

Unitech’s work in health projects includes clinics, nursing stations, treatment and examination facilities, emergency rooms, X-ray facilities, and hospital mechanical retrofits.

If we can be of assistance with the construction management of your healthcare project, we would be happy to talk about your needs.