First Nations Projects

Involving First Nations communities in the construction of their own buildings creates pride of ownership.

Whether large or small, we believe in community. At Unitech, we look at every construction project from the perspective of its impact on the community. Never is that more important than when we are managing building projects that will serve the First Nations people.

We offer your First Nations community our expertise in construction management while working within the traditions of your culture.

Understanding the unique local culture and values of our First Nations partners is the key to successful implementation of projects that serve the whole community.
With a fierce pride in your history and traditions, it’s natural that your First Nations community wants to know that any new construction on your land respectfully befits your people. We ask for your viewpoint early so you’re engaged and supportive of the project from beginning to end. By involving you in part of the process, we help to foster a sense of pride in your community and in the new landmark we are building together.

Unitech strives to provide opportunity to First Nations people

In some aboriginal communities, opportunities can be limited. At Unitech, we do everything we can to present community members with new possibilities. We use local services, employ and train people to help build the project and maintain it once it is in operation. We and our trade contractors have taken on apprentices in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting and drywall, and many of them have stayed with us to work on other projects.

Unitech’s construction projects have not only meant increased employment of local residents, but have also provided a welcome injection of revenue into First Nations communities.

Our projects in First Nations communities have totaled more than $100 million. We have developed many good friends and lasting relationships while building offices, schools, hotels, commercial, residential, health and community facilities. For more information on some of our First Nations construction projects, please select a project on the left. If we can be of assistance with the construction management of your next project, let’s talk about your needs.