Educational Projects

Our school construction projects enhance learning, protect students and staff, and achieve cost certainty. It’s just smart management.

Schools are for learning.

Often while school construction takes place, class is still in session. Of primary concern for education clients is the safety of students and staff, as well as maintaining an environment that is conducive to learning. As a company with extensive experience in school construction of complex multi-phase projects, we at Unitech never lose
sight of that.

Finding innovative ways to minimize disruption and maximize learning.

Working closely with school employees, we plan our schedules around education events, and if necessary, we will reschedule work during critical times such as exam periods.

With safety as part of our culture, we take steps to protect students, staff and workers. We use protective barriers and way-finding signage to keep students safely away from work areas. When odorous products are being used, we work after hours and we ensure the safe removal of existing harmful products from the school building.

Unitech workers are easily identified and, leading by example, they are courteous and professional on the job site. Understanding the important role education facilities play in society, we provide learning opportunities for interested students, staff and school board personnel. Tours of the school building construction area are arranged around our work schedules. In senior high schools, we promote tours by construction students and also sponsor students of work-school programs.

Transparency comes standard at Unitech.

We embrace transparent, open public tendering requirements. More than 95% of Unitech’s projects have been government-funded. Open public tendering and full compliance with TILMA (Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement), AIT (Agreement on Internal Trade), NWP (New West Partnership) and other open tendering legislation is our standard procedure.

Freedom of Information Act or audit requests are easily handled. Our projects have been selected for random audit by both provincial and federal government agencies. In each case, these have taken place primarily in the Unitech office by our staff with little or no involvement by the owner’s staff. Recently, an auditor appointed by the BC Ministry of Education completed his process, fairness and value audit of a $25 million dollar school project in our office in less than three hours! The audit was successful and the auditor was very pleased with transparency of Unitech’s systems.

Every school construction project demands cost certainty. We deliver.

Unitech understands the education project funding process and the requirement to freeze funding agreements prior to the start of school construction. Working with over $300 million dollars in school building projects, we have demonstrated our ability to complete on budget and on schedule. Unlike the traditional general contract approach, we manage the project budget from the beginning of design to completion of construction, ensuring appropriate contingency at each stage, mitigating risks and maximizing value.

We make your life easier with clear, concise administration and reporting.

Our Project Tracker software is flexible and adaptive to suit each client and ease the workload for your own administrative staff. With our reporting systems, you’ll have all the information you need to stay on top of your project without being overwhelmed by unnecessary detail.

Smart construction management from renovations to new green school construction.

Unitech is a leading manager for education projects with over 30 years experience in school construction. Our repertoire includes new green schools built to LEED Gold standards, and occupied school buildings requiring additions, renovations and seismic upgrades. Our clients are provincial school districts, post-secondary institutions, First Nations groups and private schools.

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