About Unitech

Unitech is a company with purpose. It's the foundation of our culture and it shows in everything we do.

It’s about your vision, our construction services and what we can create together.

More than windows and walls, your project is to be an environment that enhances the lives of people, whether it’s where they work, learn, live or play. You need a construction manager that shares your vision and enthusiasm for bringing it to life.

One of the leading construction companies in Vancouver, Unitech was built with the purpose of partnering with our clients to create high quality environments that put people first. What’s more, we ensure that every structure respects the environment as well as the community it calls home.

A construction manager that sees things from your side

The foundation of Unitech Construction Management has always been to approach each project from the client’s perspective. After fifteen years in Project Management and ten years with Construction Management, President Rick Boates decided to build a different kind of construction services company – one that would actively engage property owners as part of the team.

In 1988, when Unitech was formed, Boates created a unique process that makes the complex business of construction management straightforward, transparent and cost-efficient right from the start. Unitech clients appreciate the fact that they are heard, understood and informed every step of the way. Moreover, they know that their budget is allocated as carefully as if it were our own money.

Construction projects that are a source of pride for all

We’re proud to have been involved in the realization of buildings that are built to be beautiful and smart, and to enhance their communities by enriching people’s lives. Our diverse list of construction projects includes buildings for education, public health and safety, business, recreation, and local culture.

Just eleven years after starting the company, we reached a significant milestone. We took on our 100th project in 1999 and larger, more complex projects followed. Unitech was construction manager for $30 million in renovations to the Vancouver Convention Centre in preparation for the 2010 Olympic Games. Shortly after, we carried on with the VANOC Games Time build-outs to convert the facility into the International Press Centre. Continuing with the sports theme, Unitech was engaged by BC Pavilion Corporation to be construction manager for the temporary Stadium at Empire Field, home of the BC Lions for 2010 – 11.

As one of the most progressive construction companies in Vancouver, Unitech is expanding to bring our construction services to communities in other parts of Canada.

Good people are the key to success

A company’s strength is its people. Our people subscribe to our philosophy of teamwork, transparency and high professional standards. And they believe in our purpose of doing what’s right for our clients and our communities. Unitech has more than 70 employees providing all aspects of construction services. Our aim is to hire for the long term, and to that end we ensure they have the support and training they need to grow their capabilities. We also reward performance and loyalty, and allow our people time to focus on what’s important – their families and communities. Satisfied and engaged team members bring their very best to the job, and that’s critical to our clients and to the outcome of our construction projects.

Safety is a top priority

We strive to be a leader when it comes to safety. Our goal is to ensure that we not only protect our own people, but also those who live and work in our buildings – during and after construction. Thanks to rigid protocols and innovative scheduling, safety is maintained and disruption is minimized while our work is in progress. Our safety record has resulted in premiums significantly below the industry average.

If you’re looking for a construction manager that listens and puts your goals first and foremost, we can help. To learn more about Unitech Construction Management, and our capabilities compared to other construction companies in Vancouver, let’s talk about your needs today