We’re passionate about mitigating our clients risk, maximizing our clients value and exceeding our clients expectations

More than windows and walls, your project is to be an environment that enhances the lives of people, whether it's where they work, learn, live or play. You need a construction manager that shares your vision and enthusiasm for bringing it to life.

Unitech is passionate about collaborative construction and we incorporate it into every facet of every project each and every day. Our first priority on every project is to understand and adopt our client’s project specific goals and priorities and then factor those goals and priorities into every recommendation we make going forward. We don’t just work with our clients, we are their construction division, delivering their projects in accordance with their goals and in collaboration with their staff. Our systems and procedures were designed to respond to the owner’s project goals and priorities while at the same time minimizing the administrative load on their staff and maintaining complete budget and schedule transparency throughout. These systems and procedures provide the clear, concise information the owner needs to stay fully informed and in control of their project while we manage all the details.

As one of the most progressive construction companies in Western Canada, Unitech is dedicated to partnering with our clients to create high quality environments that put people first. From the outset of a project through to completion, we work as a focused part of our client's team. We ensure you are heard, understood and informed every step of the way. We treat our client's money as if it was our own, only allocating funds to the areas that are critical to achieving our client's goals and priorities. It is the foundation of our corporate values and our entire organization lives and breathes it everyday.

This approach has been very successful for Unitech. At the completion of our projects, we ask all our clients to complete a client satisfaction survey rating as out of 10 on how we have successfully implemented their projects. To date we have achieved an average rating of 9.3/10 on these customer satisfaction surveys.

Good people are the key to success

A company's strength is its people. Our people subscribe to our philosophy of teamwork, transparency and high professional standards. And they believe deeply in our purpose of collaboration and what's right for our clients and communities. Our core values are entrenched into our entire team and form the key pre-requisite for everyone we hire. Client goal driven; Innovative; Collaborative; Concise; Firm, Fair & Fun. These values form the foundation and DNA of Unitech and its people.

A Construction Manager that sees things from your side

The foundation of Unitech Construction Management has always been to approach each project from the client's perspective. Since our inception as a professional Pure Construction Management firm in 1988, Unitech Construction Management Ltd. has grown to 150+ employees providing our services to major commercial, municipal, institutional, industrial, residential and recreational clients throughout British Columbia. We have successfully provided our Construction Management Services on over 250 projects in both urban and remote locations with a total value of over 1.7 Billion in construction volume.

Construction projects that are a source of pride for all

Today, Unitech continues to bring its "Proven Process" and expertise to every sector of construction. From Education to Recreation, Industrial to Residential, and Healthcare to Affordable Housing, Unitech is the industry leader in Construction focused on continuous improvement. Our unmatched leadership in Seismic renovations and upgrades continues to support local school districts make every school safer for the students of British Columbia. Unitech has become one of the most innovative construction companies in Western Canada. We are committed to our clients and our people. It has been the foundation on which we have been built and will continue to be our number one priority as we move into the future of construction.

Safety is a top priority

We strive to be a leader when it comes to safety. Our goal is to ensure that we not only protect our own people, but also those who live and work in our buildings – during and after construction. Thanks to rigid protocols and innovative scheduling, safety is maintained and disruption is minimized while our work is in progress. We currently enjoy the maximum 'merit' WCB rating and are members of the Construction Safety Network's COR program (99% on recent external COR audit).

If you're looking for a construction manager that listens and puts your goals and priorities first and foremost, we can help. Let our highly experienced and dedicated staff implement our Proven Process to help simplify your life and make your project a huge success.