Our Purpose

The safety of our workers and the public is a top priority for Unitech. That commitment has translated into the highest WorkSafeBC rating for many years.

It’s not negotiable. Safety is built into every aspect of our work as construction managers.

When we’re renovating an occupied school, a bustling shopping centre, or a place of business, it’s critical that users of these spaces can go about their daily routine in safety. Furthermore, our own people have the right to expect that when they come to work each day, they can focus on their jobs knowing their safety is assured.

Unitech is a member of the British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance’s COR (Certificate of Recognition) program. We consistently score in the high nineties in our external COR audits. We are pleased to have received a Certificate of Recognition from WorkSafeBC for many years running.

How do we protect the safety of all stakeholders on our sites?

The importance of safety cannot be understated. However complex safety measures may not be followed, and sometimes hinder the progress of the job. We apply our experience to develop practical, cost-effective, and simple solutions to safety to ensure everyone goes home safe every day.

We have a comprehensive Health and Safety plan and maintain a “zero tolerance” policy in regard to site hazards and unsafe practices for all workers on site. All trades and visitors are kept advised of the requirements of this plan and must confirm compliance with our safety rules before entering our sites.

To support our high safety standards, we ensure that all our employees receive safety training and have the skills and tools to protect themselves and the general public. First Aid training is mandatory for all Unitech site management people. On every project in every sector where building users are present, Unitech works with our clients to erect signage, fencing and barriers for added protection while work progresses.

Our commitment to safety extends out into our community

Unitech participates in contests such as the Rock 101 Bro Jake contest and the ICBA Safety Worker contest to raise awareness of safety issues and to keep our employees focused on them. Our head office and site staff across the province share information on work procedures, health topics and ways to improve our standards even further.

Safety with purpose is absolutely essential to our business. Our industry requires it. Our workers and clients demand it. And our efforts to go above and beyond to protect our people and the public mean that everyone goes home each day – safe and sound.

To learn more about our uncompromising safety standards, please contact us.