Our Purpose

We look at a construction project with a view to creating a community. That way we ensure each structure adds value to those who call it home.

Every building has an impact on a community. At Unitech, a most important first step is looking at a construction project through the eyes of the community. What, if any, are the residents’ concerns? How will the building affect neighbouring structures from an aesthetic and practical standpoint? How will this project benefit the local community and its people?

What’s more, we try to engage the people of the community before, during and after construction. That community engagement includes hiring local, purchasing from local suppliers, and allowing residents the opportunity to feel involved in the construction changes taking place in their neighbourhood.

Hiring local boosts employment and community “ownership”

We always prioritize local hiring. Outside labour is brought in only if we are unable to hire for a specific position or skill set from the local workforce. Both Unitech and our tradespeople have sponsored apprentices from disadvantaged communities. The training they receive provides continuing benefits within their community. Maximizing local skills is also more cost-effective for owners, making it a better solution to everyone.

Buying close to home is good for the local economy

As managers of the owner’s budget, we carefully allocate funds to meet your goals and priorities. While guiding the use of the budget judiciously, we also try to return as much to community as possible. We turn to local suppliers to assist us when the right skills and the right-priced products and services are available, to help keep the economy moving.

Putting community first is good for project owners too

How does putting community first help our clients? Our clients appreciate being involved in this stage of the project. It helps them to envision how their building will be integrated into a community, and how it will be perceived by the residents. It identifies any issues early so they can be resolved sooner than later. It creates an atmosphere of anticipation and acceptance. And it helps to keep costs lower over the course of the project.

With everyone involved on the same page from the beginning, the project is certain to receive a warm welcome upon completion and long into its future.

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