Construction Project Manager (Commercial Experience)

Delta B.C.
Posted 3 months ago

As one of Unitech’s Project Managers you will hold a senior position within the company and be responsible for ALL aspects of your construction projects. Your resourcefulness, intelligence, confidence and dedication will help ensure our construction projects are delivered in accordance with our client’s goals and priorities. You will be committed to building mutually respectful relationships based on trust through clarity and integrity of our systems, procedures and project reporting.

Critical Expectations:

  • Complete Project Accountability and Coordination
  • Project Main Point of Contact
  • Ensure you coordinate and report to your Director of Project Management
  • Ensure we Provide All the Services we Sell
  • Ensure a Consistent Delivery of Service
  • Timely, Complete and Accurate Reporting
  • Occupational Health & Safety Compliance
  • Expedite Everything in Coordination with Site Superintendent
  • Report Peer Review
  • Keep Things Simple

Daily/Monthly Tasks:


  • Prepare and implement the development and adoption of the Project Charter with the key project team members ensuring the owners goals and priorities are ALWAYS at the forefront. (Get sign off from your Director of Project Management on the Project Charter)
  • Prepare the risk register, identification, evaluation and the development of risk mitigation strategies. (Get sign off from your Director of Project Management on the Risk Register)
  • Schedule the cost tracking system presentation with the key project team members; (Including COO Brad Stevenson) outlining cost tracking, reporting & communication.
  • Provide construct ability input to optimize the design and detailing during each design stage while reflecting the teams risk mitigation strategies including. (Include your Director of Project Management)
  • Design suggestions based on site restrictions
  • Material suggestions due to market conditions
  • Construct-ability of design based on experience with building similar facilities
  • Destructive investigation prior to renovations to enable cost savings through design modifications
  • Logistics for difficult or remote sites
  • Review all plans, specifications and construction details to ensure construction documents clearly describe the work and that all materials provide the best value and utility for their intended use.
  • Source and price construction products, materials and equipment.
  • Provide Estimating & Scheduling at defined intervals through the project and monitor progress ( Get sign off from your Director of Project Management on all Estimates and Schedules prior to forwarding to the owner)
  • Determine the various trades needed, and prepare scopes of work for trade contract packages, tailor project specification front end to suit each project. ( Get sign off from your Director of Project Management on tender documents and scope of work packages prior to tendering)
  • Answer queries during the tender period, prepare and distribute Addenda.
  • Prepare Unitech’s Class A Pre Tender Tracker budget in coordination with front end tender documents to ensure that ALL items of work being tendered are coordinated into one budget, and that work not being tendered and risks identified have ALL been budgeted elsewhere. (Get sign off from your Director of Project Management on Unitech’s Class A pre tender budget prior to sending to the owner)
  • Attend to formal tender closings, review tenders, and prepare tender summaries and recommendations for Award for Owner’s approval. (Get sign off from your Director of Project Management on all tender summaries prior to sending to the owner)
  • Prepare Unitech’s Class A Post Tender Tracker budget making sure all items that have been excluded from contract tenders have been budgeted elsewhere and that there are no items or details unbudgeted for.(Get sign off from your Director of Project Management on Unitech’s Class A post tender budget prior to sending to the owner)
  • Ensure Project Coordinator has prepared trade contracts and administers them throughout the project.


  • Review pricing for work and if acceptable have Project Coordinator issue Purchase Orders, Contemplated Change Orders, Change Directives and Change Orders.
  • Review incoming invoicing, site purchase orders, daily reports, and site safety documentation daily.
  • Code PO’s and invoices to the project budget division, note exceptions and revise as required
  • Review work on site, monitor quality and safety, analyze and resolve field construction problems and discrepancies.
  • Site Superintendent Coordination
  • Detailed review of analysis sheet, (review each and every budget, talk to your site superintendent) monthly report package including cost forecasting, changes to project budget and schedule as well as recommendations made to the owner. (Get sign off from your administrator ,Peer reviewer and Director of Project Management prior to presenting to the owner)
  • Ongoing Client Liaison
  • Conflict and Dispute Resolution
  • Chair and minute (if Project Coordinator is not minuting) regular site meetings and ask your Director of Project Management if they will be attending
  • Monthly Report Peer Review (Per Project Allocation) Including:
  • Review report looking at its contents from the owner’s perspective. Mark up any questions that you have based on the descriptions in the report.
  • Check current revisions against budget summary, committed and invoiced percentages, anticipated revision totals, and contingency summary totals to confirm accuracy.
  • Check current and anticipated revisions in current month’s report against last months to ensure that all previously report anticipated revisions are in the current report (grey and italicized) and that no anticipated revisions from last month’s report are missing from this month’s
  • Review findings with the project manager


1. Prepare final monthly report package. (Get sign off from your Director of Project Management)

2. Operating & Maintenance Manual Requirements and Review

3. Organize lessons learned meeting with key project team members, ensure appropriate follow up

Other Functions:

1. Other functions as required (whatever it takes!)


  • Self-motivated, creative thinking, organized, and efficient
  • Exemplary English skills, both verbal and written, with strong analytical, mathematical and communication skills.
  • Demonstrated interpersonal, leadership and team building skills.
  • Ability to work efficiently with a service-oriented attitude, courtesy, tact and diplomacy under stressful situations with constant interruption.
  • Maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
  • Minimum 5 years prior experience in a similar construction position with a B. Tech degree. An AScT degree would be a significant asset.
  • Good working knowledge of current construction methods, materials, procedures, drawings, specifications and building codes.
  • Budgeting and estimating skills including computer word processing and spreadsheet skills.
  • Proficient with computers, calculators, multifunctional processing units, multi line telephone systems and faxes.
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and skills in keyboarding.
  • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality of employment and other designated information.
  • Ability to effectively manage time, responsibilities and priorities.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or age.

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